SFC Kit - introduced 2023

The following information explains Sherwood Football Club’s (SFC) policy and procedures relating to playing and training equipment, including strips.

General Principles

  1. New/recycled equipment and strips will be provided by SFC to new U7 teams only (see below).
  2. New sets of balls will be provided where teams move up a size e.g. U10 (size 3) to U11 (size 4). Replacements due to losses and damage are to be funded by the teams.
  3. Teams are expected to secure their own funding for new equipment and kit via sponsorship (See note below).


Teams should seek sponsorship for their kits. This could come from a local company or individual (a generous parent!?). There are several spaces available on the shirt for a sponsor logo – main front, back lower, and back upper.

New Kit

New kit should be purchased via our Kit Manager – contact details below.

Shirts (outfield) and shorts must be purchased in batches of 10.

Socks and keeper kits can be purchased individually.

Shirts are available in ‘male’ and ‘female’ cuts/styles. Shorts are available in three different cuts/styles:
Game Fit (quite baggy), Slim Fit (not as baggy!), Ladies Fit (quite tight).

Measurements – Senior kit

Game Fit Shorts, flexible waistband, waist sizes. Small: 30″. Medium: 32″. Large: 34″. Extra Large: 36″.

Measurements – Junior kit

Game Fit Shorts, flexible waistband. Waist sizes (inches). Small: 22″. Medium: 24″. Large: 26″. Extra Large: 28″.

Male shirt chest sizes. Extra small: 26″. Small: 28″. Medium: 32″. Large: 34″. Extra Large: 36″.

Samples of some of styles can be requested from the Equipment Manager (see below).

Guide price (2023): A set of 11 Junior kits (inc. keeper) costs around £650. A set of 18 Senior kits (inc. keeper) costs around £900 (inc. VAT).

All prices include sponsor logo/s.

Team managers, and individuals, can also purchase SFC-branded gear (hoodies, coats, hats etc.)

Guide price (2023): Junior Hoodies from £16.95. Beanie hats from £5.95.

The photo above shows the new SFC Kit – introduced 2023.

Specific policy for new U7 Teams

The following will be provided by the club:

  • Recycled Shirt, shorts & socks (Maximum of 10 sets).
  • Goalkeeper shirt, shorts & socks.
  • Set of five Size 3 balls & bag.
  • Set of cones.
  • A kit bag.
  • A medical kit.

SFC Equipment Manager Contact

Get in touch with Dan Faulconbridge for equipment enquires.