Referee Bursary Scheme


The Sherwood FC Referee Bursary Scheme (RBS) is a great way for anyone over the age of 14 to get financial support to cover their FA Referee Course fees.

Currently (2023/24) standard FA Referee Courses are £130. Anyone in the RBS will have their course fee paid by Sherwood FC. In return, on completing the course, the newly qualified ref must referee several* matches for Sherwood FC teams, for free. After completing those five games Sherwood FC will offer the ref more games to officiate on a regular basis, paying between £15 – £30 per game (depending on the age of players), but the referee is also free to officiate any games of their choosing, for other clubs.
*The number of matches will be equivalent to the course fee payment.

Further information:

  • FA Referee courses consist of an online multi-choice Q&A test, a three-hour classroom session and a full-day practical training at a venue in Nottingham – typically a school, college or university. You can find out where and when courses are held by visiting the referee courses webpage on the Nottinghamshire FA website.
  • Refs on the RBS scheme will be paid £130 only after they have completed the course. Practically this means the person who wants to be a ref (or their parents) will initially need to pay the £130, and then claim it back from SFC. More information will be provided after application.
  • Upon completion of the FA Referee Course, the new ref will become a Youth Referee. After completing five training matches, the new ref will become a Level 7 Referee. They will then be allowed to officiate any youth football matches, as long as the ref is at least two years older than the players.
  • Upon completion of the course, additional support and advice will be available from qualified SFC refs, should it be required.

In order to apply for the Sherwood FC RBS please complete the form below.

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